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Veröffentlichungen 1991-1995

Unstable Thin Polymer Films: Rupture and Dewetting Processes
G. Reiter. Langmuir 9, 1344 (1993)
Mobility of Polymers in Films Thinner Than Their Unperturbed Size
G. Reiter. Europhysics Letters 23, 579 (1993)
Investigation of the Interdiffusion between Poly(methylmethacrylate) Films by Marker Movement
Y. Liu, G. Reiter, K. Kunz, M. Stamm. Macromolecules 26, 2134 (1993)
Short Time Dynamics of Polymer Diffusion
G. Reiter, U. Steiner. Progr. Colloid and Polymer Science 91, 93 (1993)
Transition Regions and Surface Melting in Partially Crystalline Polyethylene: A Raman Spectroscopic Study
R. Mutter, W. Stille, and G. Strobl. J. Polym. Sci. Part B: Polym. Phys. 31, 99 (1993)
Smectic Surface-Structures in the Isotropic-Phase of Liquid-Crystalline Polymers Studied by X-Ray Reflectivity
H. Elben, G. Strobl. Macromolecules 26, 1013-1018 (1993)
Transient Inhomogenities in Polymeric Liquids and Solutions - Characterization by Static and Dynamic Light-Scattering
T. Koch, G.R. Strobl, B. Stühn. Polymer 34, 1988-1990 (1993)
Kinetics of Rotational Motion in Liquid-Crystalline Polymers
W. Stille, G. R. Strobl. Polym. Sci. (Russia) 35, 1484 (1993)
Investigation of Optical Anisotropy at Polymer Surfaces and in Thin Polymer-Films by Variable-Angle Ellipsometry
H. Kasten, G. Strobl. Fresenius Journal of Analytical Chemistry 346, 300-302 (1993)
Molecular Weight Dependence of the Rotational Diffusion Constant and the Rotational Viscosity of Nematic Side-Group Polymers
S. Götz, W. Stille, G. Strobl. Ber. Bunsenges. Phys. Chem. 97, 1315 (1993)
Structure of Thin Block-Copolymers Films Studied by X-Ray Reflectivity
R. Mutter, G. Strobl, B. Stühn. Fresenius Journal of Analytical Chemistry 346, 297-299 (1993)
Dependence of the rotational viscosity of nematic mixtures on the rotational diffusion constants of their components
G. Christoph, W. Stille and G. Strobl. J. Chem. Phys. 99, 3075 (1993)
Molecular-Dynamics in Perfluoro-n-Eicosane. 4. Oscillatory and Diffusive Rotational Motion
M. Kimmg, R. Steiner, G. Strobl, B. Stühn. Journal of Chemical Physics 99, 8105-8114 (1993)
Ellipsometric characterisation of streptavidin binding to biotin-functionalized monolayers at the air-water interface
R. Reiter, H. Motschmann, W. Knoll. Langmuir 9, 2430-2435 (1993)
Pretransitional nematic surface order in the isotropic phase of phenylcyclohexanes
S. Immerschitt, T. Koch, W. Stille and G. Strobl. J. Chem. Phys. 96, 6249 (1992)
Formation of Silver Islands on Langmuir-Blodgett Films as Investigated by X-ray Reflectometry
G. Reiter, C.Bubeck, M. Stamm. Langmuir 8, 1881 (1992)
Dewetting of Thin Polymer Films
G. Reiter. Physical Review Letters 68, 75 (1992)
Application of 15N Nuclear Reaction Technique for Hydrogen Analysis in Polymer Thin Films
D. Endisch, F. Rauch, A. Götzelmann, G. Reiter, M. Stamm. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B62, 513 (1992)
Use of Ellipsometry in a Study of the Surface Order in the Isotropic Phase of a Liquid Crystalline Polyacrylate
S. Immerschitt, W. Stille, and G. Strobl. Macromolecules 25, 3227 (1992)
Light-Scattering Study of Fluctuations oin Concentration, Density, and Local Anisotropy in Polystyrene Dioxane Mixtures
T. Koch, G. Strobl, B. Stühn. Macromulecules 25, 6255-6261 (1992)
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