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Publications 1996-2000

Polymer Studies
G. Reiter. Chapter 10 in Lecture Notes in Physics No. 58, X-Ray and Neutron Reflectivity: Principles and Applications, Eds. J. Daillant, A. Gibaud , 1999
Morphological Pathways of Pattern Evolution and Dewetting in Thin Liquid Films
A. Sharma, R. Khanna, R. Konnur, G. Reiter. K.L. Mittal, ed., VSP Publishers, Utrecht (1999)
Nanometer-scale Surface Patterns with Long Range Order Created by Crystallisation of Diblock Copolymers
G. Reiter, G. Castelein, P. Hoerner, G. Riess, A. Blumen, J.-U. Sommer. Phys. Rev. Lett. 83, 3844-3847 (1999)
A Thin Film Analog of the Corneal Mucus Layer of the Tear Film: An Enigmatic Long Range Non-Classical DLVO Interaction in the Breakup of Thin Polymer Films
A. Sharma, R. Khanna, G. Reiter. Colloids & Surfaces B 14, 223-235 (1999)
The Strength of Long-Range Forces Across Thin Liquid Films
G. Reiter, A. Sharma, R. Khanna, A. Casoli, M.O. David. J. Coll. Interf. Sci. 214, 126 (1999)
Destabilising Effect of Long Range Forces in Thin Liquid Films on Wettable Substrates
G. Reiter, A. Sharma, A. Casoli, M.-O. David, R. Khanna, P. Auroy. Europhys. Lett. 46, 512 (1999)
Thin Film Instability Induced by Long Range Forces
G. Reiter, A. Sharma, A. Casoli, M.O. David, R. Khanna, P. Auroy. Langmuir 15, 2551-2558 (1999)
Network stretching, slip processes, and fragmentation of crystallites during uniaxial drawing of polyethylene and related copolymers. A comparative study
R. Hiss, S. Hobeika, C. Lynn, G. Strobl. Macromolecules 32, 4390-4403 (1999)
Reversible surface melting of PE and PEO crystallites indicated by TMDSC
W.B. Hu, T. Albrecht, G. Strobl. Macromolecules 32, 7548-7554 (1999)
A general scheme derived from video-controlled stretching tests and WAXS for describing tensile deformations of polyethylenes
R. Hiss, S. Hobeika, C. Lynn, G. Strobl. Journal of Macromolecular Science - Physics B38, 847-858 (1999)
Steps in the transition of an entangled polymer melt to the partially crystalline state
B. Heck, T. Hugel, M. Iijima, E. Sadiku, G. Strobl. New Journal of Physics 1, 17 (1999).
Building lamellae from blocks: The pathway followed in the formation of crystallites of syndiotactic polypropylene
T. Hugel, G. Strobl, R. Thomann. Acta Polymerica, 50, 214 (1999)
Adhesion Failure and Dewetting of Thin Liquid Films
A. Sharma, R. Khanna and G. Reiter. Festschrift on Adhesion Science and Technology, p. 199-237, W.J. van Ooij and H.R. Anderson, eds., VSP Publishers, Utrecht (1998)
Détermination de forces intermoléculaires par microscopie optique: effet de connecteurs polymères
A.Casoli, G.Reiter, M.Brendlé, J. Schultz. Ouvrage des actes “Imagerie des Polymères” (Colloque international francophone, Nancy, Février 1998, (Apollor)
Self-assembly of Crystallisable Diblock Copolymers
G. Reiter, P. Hoerner, G. Hurtrez, G. Riess, J.-U. Sommer, J.-F. Joanny. J. Surf. Sci. Tech. 14 , 93-103 (1998)
Role of Intermolecular Interactions in Pattern Formation in Unstable Thin Films
A. Sharma, G. Reiter. Metals Materials and Processes 10, 287-302 (1998)
The artistic side of intermolecular forces
G. Reiter. Science 282, 888-889 (1998)
Structure and dynamics of structure formation in model triarm star block copolymers of polystyrene, poly(ethylene oxide), and poly(epsilon-caprolactone)
G. Floudas, G. Reiter, O. Lambert, P. Dumas. Macromolecules 31, 7279-7290 (1998)
Crystallisation of Adsorbed Polymer Monolayers
G. Reiter, J.-U. Sommer. Phys. Rev. Lett. 80, 3771 (1998)
Deformation of a Glassy Polymer Film by Long-Range Intermolecular Forces
M.O. David, G. Reiter, T. Sitthai, J. Schultz. Langmuir 14, 5667-5672 (1998)
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