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Barbara Heck



Institute of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Albert-Ludwig-University of Freiburg
Hermann-Herder-Str. 3, 79104 Freiburg, Germany
Tel.: +49 761 203 5856
Email: heckbarb[at]


 Fields of Activity

  • Structure analysis with X-ray scattering (SAXS, SWAXS, WAXS)
  • X-ray reflexion
  • polymers, cellulose

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 Selected Publications

  • Transparent, thermoplastic, aliphatic polyesters through crystallization under molecular confinement. Maziar Matloubi, Melika Sarema, Barbara Heck, Günter Reiter and V. Prasad Shastri. Matter 6 (2023) 3057-3074
  • Unraveling the complex polymorphic crystallization behavior of the alternating copolymer DMDS-alt-DVE. Valentina Pirela, Justine Elgoyhen, Radmila Tomovska, Jaime Martin Perez, Cuong Minh Quoc Le, Abraham Chemtob, Brahim Bessif, Barbara Heck, Günter Reiter, and Alejandro Müller. ACS Appl. Polym. Mater. 5 (2023) 5260–5269
  • Nucleation Assisted through the Memory of a Polymer Melt: A Different Polymorph Emerging from the Melt of another One. Brahim Bessif, Barbara Heck, Thomas Pfohl, Cuong Minh Quoc Le, Abraham Chemtob, Valentina Pirela, Justine Elgoyhen, Radmila Tomovska, Alejandro Müller, Günter Reiter. Macromolecules 56 (2023) 1461–1470
  • In situ dissolution and swelling of confined lamellar polymer crystals through exposure to humid air. Brahim Bessif, Thomas Pfohl, Barbara Heck, Yaser Alshetwi, Emna Khechine, Jun Xu, and Günter Reiter. Macromolecules 55 (2022) 6015–6022
  • Semi-crystalline poly(thioether) prepared by visible-light-induced organocatalyzed thiol-ene polymerization in emulsion. Cuong Minh Quoc Le, Gautier Schrodj, Ibrahima Ndao, Brahim Bessif, Barbara Heck, Thomas Pfohl, Günter Reiter, Justine Elgoyen, Radmila Tomovaska and Abraham Chemtob. Macromol. Rapid Commun.  43 (2022) 2100740
  • Changes in surface free energy and surface conductivity of carbon nanotubes/polyimide nanocomposite films induced by UV irradiation. Baode Zhang, Marialaura Clausi, Barbara Heck, Susanna Laurenzi, Gabriella Santonicola, Janis Kleperis, Andris Antuzevičs, Guenter Reiter, Andrey Aleshin, Anatoly Lobach. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 13 (2021) 24218–24227
  • High-throughput injection molding of transparent fused silica glass. Markus Mader, Oliver Schlatter, Barbara Heck, Andreas Warmbold, Alex Dorn, Hans Zappe, Patrick Risch, Dorothea Helmer, Frederik Kotz, Bastian E. Rapp.
    Science 372 (2021) 182-186
  • Following isothermal and non-isothermal crystallization of poly(3- hexylthiophene) thin films by UV-vis spectroscopy. Mina Alizadehaghdam, Barbara Heck, Silvia Siegenführ, Yaser AlShetwi, Fanuel M. Keheze, Sebastian Stäter, Farhang Abbasia, Günter Reiter. Polymer 2020, 122959 Abstract
  • Fully Isotactic Poly(p-methylstyrene): Precise Synthesis via Catalytic Polymerization and Crystallization Studies. Tianyu Wu, Luis Valencia, Thomas Pfohl, Barbara Heck, Günter Reiter, Pierre J. Lutz, Rolf Mülhaupt. Macromolecules 52 (2019) 4839-4846 Abstract
  • Thermodynamic Features of Perfectly Crystalline Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Revealed Through Studies of Imperfect Crystals. Mina Alizadehaghdam, Barbara Heck, Silvia Siegenführ, Farhang Abbasi, and Günter Reiter. Macromolecules 52, 2487–2494 (2019) Abstract
  • A structural fibrillation parameter from small angle X-ray scattering to quantify pulp refining. Jia Mao, Barbara Heck, Hatem Abushammala, Günter Reiter, Marie-Pierre Laborie. Cellulose 26, 4265–4277 (2019) Abstract
  • Semicrystalline Non-Isocyanate Polyhydroxyurethanes as Thermoplastics and Thermoplastic Elastomers and Their Use in 3D Printing by Fused Filament Fabrication. Vitalij Schimpf, Johannes B. Max, Benjamin Stolz, Barbara Heck, and Rolf Mülhaupt. Macromolecules 52, 320-331 (2019) Abstract
  • Triple-Shape Memory Materials via Thermoresponsive Behavior of Nanocrystalline Non-Isocyanate Polyhydroxyurethanes. Vitalij Schimpf, Barbara Heck, Günter Reiter, Rolf Mülhaupt. Macromolecules 50, 3598–3606 (2017) Abstract
  • Stabilization of nuclei of lamellar polymer crystals: Insights from a comparison of the Hoffman-Weeks line with the crystallization line. Jun Xu, Barbara Heck, Hai-Mu Ye, Jing Jiang, Yi-Ren Tang, Jin Liu, Bao-Hua Guo, Renate Reiter, Dongshan Zhou, Günter Reiter. Macromolecules 49,  2206–2215 (2016)
  • Cellulose nanocrystals’ production in near theoretical yields by 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium hydrogen sulfate ([Bmim]HSO4) – mediated hydrolysis. Jia Mao, Barbara Heck, Günter Reiter, Marie-Pierre Laborie. Carbohydrate Polymers, 117, 443–451 (2015) Abstract
  • Anisotropic Photophysical Properties of Highly Aligned Crystalline Structures of a Bulky Substituted Poly(thiophene). Yingying Wang, Barbara Heck, Daniel Schiefer, John O. Agumba, Michael Sommer, Tao Wen, and Günter Reiter. ACS Macro Letters, 3, 881-885 (2014) Abstract
  • Crystallization of Poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) in Thin Film Solutions: Structure and Pattern Formation. Kaiwan Jahanshahi, Ioan Botiz, Renate Reiter, Ralf Thomann, Barbara Heck, Roozbeh Shokri, Werner Stille and Günter Reiter. Macromolecules, 46, 1470-1476 (2013) Abstract
  • Effect of Shear Stress on Crystallization of Isotactic Polypropylene from a Structured Melt, Bin Zhang, Jingbo Chen, Jing Cui, Fangfang Ji, Guoqiang Zhen, Hui Zhang, Barbara Heck, Günter Reiter, Changyu Shen. Macromolecules, 45, 8933–8937 (2012)
  • Two Competing Crystallization Modes in a Smectogenic Polyester, Barbara Heck, Ernesto Perez and Gert Strobl, Macromolecules, 43, 4172-4183 (2010)
  • Gradient Interfaces in SBS and SBS/PS Blends and Their Influence on Morphology Development and Material Properties, Yi Thomann, Ralf Thomann, Alfred Hasenhindl, Rolf Mülhaupt, Barbara Heck, Konrad Knoll, Helmut Steininger, Kay Saalwächter. Macromolecules, 42, 5684-5699 (2009)
  • Stabilization, reformation and melting of poly(L-lactide) crystallites, Tai-Yon Cho, Barbara Heck, Gert Strobl, Chin. J. Polym. Science, 25, 83-94 (2007)
  • A law controlling polymer recrystallization showing up in experiments on s-polypropylene, Barbara Heck, Silvia Siegenführ, Gert Strobl, Ralf Thomann, Polymer, 48, 1352-1359 (2007)
  • Time dependent light attenuation measurements used in studies of the kinetics of polymer crystallization, Barbara Heck, Takahiko Kawai, Gert Strobl, Polymer, 47, 5538-5543 (2006)
  • Crystallization of a poly(ethylene-co-octene): I - A precursor structure and two competing mechanisms, Andreas Häfele, Barbara Heck, Takahiko Kawai, Peter Kohn, Gert Strobl, Eur. Phys. J. E, 16, 207-216 (2005)
  • Crystallization of poly(ethylene-co-octene): II - Melt memory effects on first order kinetics, Andreas Häfele, Barbara Heck, Thomas Hippler, Takahiko Kawai, Peter Kohn, Gert Strobl, Eur. Phys. J. E, 16, 217-224 (2005)
  • Equations describing lamellar structure parameters and melting points of polyethylene-co-(butene/octene)s, Tai-Yon Cho, Barbara Heck, Gert Strobl, Coll. Polym. Science, 282, 825-832 (2004)
  • Interplay between domain microstructure and nematic order in liquid crystalline/isotropic block copolymers, R. Ivanova, R. Staneva, S. Geppert, B. Heck, B. Walter, W. Gronski, B. Stühn. Coll. Polym. Science 282, 810-824 (2004)
  • Crystallization of s-polypropylene: a qualitative change in the kinetics induced by the temperature of the melt, Barbara Heck, Gert Strobl, Coll. Polym. Science, 282, 511-513 (2004)
  • Characteristic variations in the effect of diluents on polymer crystallization and melting observed for a sample of poly (ethylene-co-octene), Barbara Heck, Gert Strobl, Michael Grasruck, Eur. Phys. J. E, 11, 117-130 (2003)
  • A temperature- and molar mass-dependent change in the crystallization mechanism of poly(1-butene): Transition from chain-folded to chain-extended crystallization? Qiang Fu, Barbara Heck, Gert Strobl, Yi Thomann, Macromolecules, 34, 2502-2511 (2001)
  • Steps in the formation of the partially crystalline state, Barbara Heck, Thorsten Hugel, Masanori Iijima, Gert Strobl, Polymer, 41, 8839-8848 (2000)
  • Steps in the transition of an entangled polymer melt to the partially crystalline state, Barbara Heck, Thorsten Hugel, Masanori Iijima, Emmanuel Sadiku, Gert Strobl, New Journal of Physics 1, 17 (1999) Abstract, PDF
  • Structural transition in a nematic LC block copolymer induced by the transition to the LC phase, J. Sänger, W. Gronski, S. Maas, B. Stühn, B. Heck, Macromolecules, 30, 6783-6787 (1997)
  • SAXS and TEM studies on poly(styrene)-block-poly(ethene-co-but-1-ene)-block-poly(styrene) in bulk and at various interfaces, B. Heck, P. Arends, M. Ganter, J. Kressler, B. Stühn, Macromolecules, 30, 4559-4566 (1997)



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