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"Experimental Polymer Physics" 2022

When Dec 31, 2021 12:00 AM to
Dec 31, 2022 12:00 AM
Where freitags 15:00h
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11.02.2022 Brahim Bessif Transport behavior of water molecules into confined and controlled polymer crystals
18.02.2022 Claas Stamp Swelling induced instabilities and pressure driven oscillations of thin elastic walls
25.02.2022 Solomon Binyam Hydrodynamic coupling of buckling membranes
30.03.2022 Friederike Lang Control of Membrane Instabilities
13.05.2022 Yaser Alshetwi Illumination of conjugated polymers with visible light to control crystallisation and enhance photoluminescence
20.05.2022 Da Huang Flow-induced phase separation of the same-chemical-structure polymers during dewetting
03.06.2022 Michael Fink Flow induced phase separation of a polymer in a good solvent
24.06.2022 Anmol Arya Creating a model system to understand the electronic and optical properties of conjugated polymers
08.07.2022 Niloofar Afshar Controlled growth of PDOPT single crystals in a matrix of polystyrene
11:15 h
Brahim Bessif Crystallization of ethylene oxide based block copolymers and concepts for the design of functional crystalline compartments
22.07.2022 Claas Stamp Modulation of microfluidic flows by thin buckling membranes
Vishnu Deo Mishra Layer undulated nonpolar liquid crystal phase comprised of asymmetric bent-core molecules
28.10.2022 Efstathios Mitropoulos  
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