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Analyse von spaltverschmierten Kleinwinkelstreukurven lamellarer Strukturen

G.R. Strobl. Kolloid-Zeitschrift and Zeitschrift für Polymere 250, 1039-1046 (1972)


The lamellar structure of crystals of chain molecules can be specified by giving the meanL and the range of fluctuationdeltaL of the lamellar thickness, and the electron density distribution within the boundary layers around the lamellar interfaces. These three parameters can be determined by measuring the positions, widths, and integral intensities of the long period reflexions observed in small angle X-ray scattering experiments. The measurement can be done using slit collimation systems. After determining the primary beam intensity by use of a standard sample the integral intensities are obtained in absolute units. The intensity of the zeroth order reflexion, which follows from an appropriate extrapolation, yields the electron density defect per square unit of the lamellar interface. As an example we analyse the scattering curve of a sample of the paraffin C62H126, crystallized by quenching from the melt.

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