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Veröffentlichungen 1996-2000

Capillary waves on a poly(vinylacetate) surface studied by off-specular diffuse X-ray scattering
S. Bauer, G.R. Strobl. Polymer Bulletin 40, 291-296 (1998)
Superheating effects during the melting of crystallites of syndiotactic polypropylene analysed by temperature-modulated differential scanning calorimetry
J.E.K. Schawe, G.R. Strobl. Polymer 39, 3745-3751 (1998)
The role of co-units in polymer crystallization and melting: New insights from studies on syndiotactic poly(propene-co-octene)
G. Hauser, J. Schmidtke, G. Strobl. Macromolecules 31, 6250-6258 (1998)
Synthesis and microphase separation of diblock copolymers of styrene and p-chlorostyrene prepared by using N-oxyl capped macroinitiators
S. Butz, J. Hillermann, G. Schmidt-Naake, J. Kressler, R. Thomann, B. Heck, B. Stühn. Acta Polymerica 49, 693-699 (1998)
La réflectivité des polymères
G. Reiter. Chapitre VIII dans les actes de l'ecole française de réflectivité, à Marseille 1997, Eds. A. Gibaud, J. Daillant
Surfactants: Eigenschaften und Einsatz in der Beschichtungstechnik
G. Reiter. Kapitel 5: in Grundlagen und Verfahren der Beschichtungstechnik, Kurzlehrgang, Erlangen 1997
Connectors in Adhesion and Contact Angle Hysteresis
G. Reiter, A. Casoli, A. Sharma, P. Auroy. Dans les actes de JADH'97: 9émes Journées d'Etudes sur l'Adhesion, Sept. 1997 in St. Lary/F, Edition SFV, Paris 1997, p. 68-73
Large-scale heterogeneities in entangled polymer solutions. Light-scattering study on polystyrene in toluene
M. Heckmeier, M. Mix, G. Strobl. Macromolecules 30, 4454-4458 (1997)
A four-state scheme for treating polymer crystallization and melting suggested by calorimetric and small angle X-ray scattering experiments on syndiotactic polypropylene
J. Schmidtke, G. Strobl, T. ThurnAlbrecht. Macromolecules 30, 5804-5821 (1997)
The Effect of Dissolved Side-Group Polymers on Pattern Dynamics in Nematic Liquid Crystals in a Rotating Magnetic Field
E.E. Pashkovsky, W. Stille, G. Strobl and D. Talebi. J. Phys. II France 7 (1997) 707-727
Structural transition in a nematic LC block copolymer induced by the transition to the LC phase
J. Sänger, W. Gronski, S. Maas, B. Stühn, B. Heck. Macromolecules 30, 6783-6787 (1997)
A new approach to polymer crystallization used in an analysis of data of syndiotactic polypropylene
Gert Strobl. Acta Polymerica 48, 562-570 (1997)
Director field patterns of nematic polymer solutions at asynchronous rotation in a magnetic field
E. Pashkovsky, W. Stille, G. Strobl and D. Talebi. Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. 302, 403 (1997)
SAXS and TEM studies on poly(styrene)-block-poly(ethene-co-but-1-ene)-block-poly(styrene) in bulk and at various interfaces
B. Heck, P. Arends, M. Ganter, J. Kressler, B. Stühn. Macromolecules 30, 4559-4566 (1997)
Improving Adhesion via Connector Polymers to Stabilize Non-wetting Liquid Films
G. Reiter, J. Schultz, P. Auroy, L. Auvray. Europhys. Lett. 33, 29 (1996)
Instabilities of Thin Polymer Films on Layers of Chemically Identical Grafted Molecules
G. Reiter, P. Auroy, L. Auvray. Macromolecules 29, 2150 (1996)
The Effect of Adhesion on the Rheological and Frictional Behavior of a Confined Lubricant Film
G. Reiter. J. Adhesion 57, 55 (1996)
Instability of Thin Polymer Films on Coated Substrates: Rupture, Dewetting and Drop Formation
A. Sharma, G. Reiter. J. Coll. Interf. Sci. 178, 383 (1996)
Glass transition in ethylene-vinylacetate copolymers analyzed by combined dielectric and X-ray scattering experiments
Bernd Holzer, Gert Strobl. Acta Polymerica 47, 40-47 (1996)
Observation of the early stages of crystallization in polyethylene by time-dependent SAXS: Transition from individual crystals to stacks of lamellae
T. Albrecht, G. Strobl. Macromolecules 29, 783-785 (1996)
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