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凝縮系物理学: 結晶からソフトマターへ
G. ストローブル (著), 田口 健 (翻訳), 深尾 浩次 (翻訳). 出版社: シュプリンガー・ジャパン(株) 2006, ISBN 978-4431712206
Variation of the Network Anisotropy of Cholesteric Side Chain Elastomers
Christian Bourgerette, Bin Chen, Heino Finkelmann, Michel Mitov, Jürgen Schmidtke, Werner Stille. Macromolecules 39, 8163 (2006)
Effects of comonomers on lamellar and noncrystalline microstructure of ethylene copolymers
T.Y. Cho, E.J. Shin, W. Jeong, B. Heck, R. Graf, G. Strobl, H.W. Spiess, D.Y. Yoon. Macromolecular Rapid Communications 27, 322-327 (2006)
Deriving Molecular Parameters of Interfaces Between Chemically Identical Polymers from Macroscopically Observed Phenomena
Günter Reiter. Macromol. Symp. 229, 81–92 (2005)
Structure Formation of Polystyrene-block-poly(gamma-benzyl L-glutamate) in Thin Films
S. Ludwigs, G. Krausch, G. Reiter, M. Losik, M. Antonietti, H. Schlaad. Macromolecules 38, 7532 (2005)
Residual stresses in thin polymer films cause rupture and dominate early stages of dewetting
Günter Reiter, Moustafa Hamieh, Pascal Damman, Séverine Sclavons, Sylvain Gabriele, Thomas Vilmin, Elie Raphaël. Nature Materials 4, 754 (2005)
Reply: Discussion of problems of non-equilibrium thermodynamics of polymers
J.-U. Sommer and G. Reiter. Thermochimica Acta, 432, 153 (2005)
Crystallization in Ultra-Thin Polymer Films/ Morphogenesis and Thermodynamical Aspects
J.-U. Sommer and G. Reiter. Thermochimica Acta, 432, 135 (2005)
Evolution of rim instabilities in the dewetting of slipping thin polymer films
Günter Reiter. J. Adhesion 81, 381 (2005)
Instability and droplet formation in evaporating thin films of a binary solution
Leonid V. Govor, Jürgen Parisi, Gottfried H. Bauer and Günter Reiter. Phys. Rev. E 71, 051603 (2005)
Morphology of an asymmetric ethyleneoxide-butadiene di-block copolymer in bulk and thin films
D.M. Lambreva, R. Opitz, G. Reiter, P.M. Frederik and W.H. de Jeu. Polymer 46, 4868 (2005)
Evolution of multilevel order in supramolecular assemblies
F. Vonau, D. Suhr, D. Aubel, L. Bouteiller, G. Reiter and L. Simon. Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 066103 (2005)
Block formation during polymer crystallization
T. Hippler, S. Jiang, G. Strobl. Macromolecules 38, 9396 (2005)
Crystallization of a poly(ethylene-co-octene): I - A precursor structure and two competing mechanisms
Andreas Häfele, Barbara Heck, Takahiko Kawai, Peter Kohn, Gert Strobl. Eur. Phys. J. E 16, 207-216 (2005)
A thermodynamic multiphase scheme treating polymer crystallization and melting
G. Strobl. Eur. Phys. J. E 18, 295-309 (2005)
Crystallization of poly(ethylene-co-octene): II - Melt memory effects on first order kinetics
Andreas Häfele, Barbara Heck, Thomas Hippler, Takahiko Kawai, Peter Kohn, Gert Strobl. Eur. Phys. J. E 16, 217-224 (2005)
Dewetting on Model Surfaces: Transition from a Capillary Force Dominated to a Dissipation Dominated Regime
Günter Reiter, Moustafa Hamieh, Nancy Baudelet, Séverine Sclavons, Pascal Damman. (2004)
Morphogenesis and non-equilibrium pattern formation in two-dimensional polymer crystallization
Jens-Uwe Sommer and Günter Reiter. Phase Transition 77, 703-745 (2004)
Nanoparticle ring formation in evaporating micron-size droplets
Leonid V. Govor, Günter Reiter, Gottfried H. Bauer, Jürgen Parisi. Appl. Phys. Lett. 84, 4774-4776 (2004)
Self-assembled nanoparticle deposits formed at the contact line of evaporating micrometer-size droplets
Leonid V. Govor, Günter Reiter, Jürgen Parisi, and Gottfried H. Bauer. Phys. Rev. E 69, 061609 (2004)
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