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Bilayer formation in thin film of a binary solution

Leonid V. Govor, Günter Reiter, Gottfried H. Bauer, Jürgen Parisi. Physics Letters A 353, 198–204 (2006)


We consider the formation of a pattern of micrometer-size droplets formed by phase separation in a binary solution composed of a nitrocellulose (NC) solution in amyl acetate and a hexadecylamine (HDA) solution in hexane. Spreading of this solution on a water surface leads to the formation of a bilayer with a top HDA and a lower NC solution layer. The formation of the bilayer was confirmed via spin-coating a similar binary solution on a Si substrate and an HDA solution in hexane on a NC/Si substrate. The subsequent evaporation of the solvents from both layers gives rise to a fast thickness decrease of the top HDA solution layer that decomposes into droplets. The discretely developing increase of the thickness of the HDA droplets can be explained only with the formation of HDA micelles in solution during solvent evaporation.

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