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Lehrstuhl für Experimentelle Polymerphysik

Prof. Dr. Günter Reiter


In Situ Dissolution and Swelling of Confined Lamellar Polymer Crystals through Exposure to Humid Air
B Bessif, T Pfohl, B Heck, Y Alshetwi, E Khechine, J Xu, and G Reiter. Macromolecules 55, 6015–6022, 2022



Vorlesungen                                  SoSem 2022

Condensed Matter II: Interfaces and Nanostructures

  Do, Fr 8-10
      HS II, ILIAS

      Do 16-18
      Seminarraum, Westbau, UG




1st Annual IRTG / SoMaS Summerschool, July 10-15, 2011 in Mittelwihr, France
In Honor of the 70th Birthday of Prof. Gert Strobl
Discussion Meeting on "Challenges in and Potential of Polymer Physics"
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