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Chair of Experimental Polymer Physics

Professor Günter Reiter


Controlled Switching from the Growth of Monolamellar Polymer Crystals to the Formation of Stacks of Uniquely Oriented Lamellae
W. Chen, B. Bessif, R. Reiter, J. Xu, and G. Reiter. Macromolecules  54, 2021, 8135–8142

Lectures                                       WiSem 2021/22

Experimental Polymer Physics
Thu, Fri 8-10     HS II
    Tutorial Wed 16-18

Polymer Modeling
    Mon 15-17     HH SR 3.OG


Experimental Polymer Physics Seminar
Fri 15:00

Physikalisches Kolloqium
   Mon 17:15



1st Annual IRTG / SoMaS Summerschool, July 10-15, 2011 in Mittelwihr, France
In Honor of the 70th Birthday of Prof. Gert Strobl
Discussion Meeting on "Challenges in and Potential of Polymer Physics"
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