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Dr. Falko Ziebert

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Physikalisches Institut, Fakultät für Mathematik und Physik
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Hermann-Herder-Str. 3, 79104 Freiburg, Germany
Tel.: +49 761 203 97779 Fax: +49 761 203 5855
email: falko.ziebert[at]fmf.uni-freiburg.de


2002    Diploma in physics, Universität des Saarlandes, Germany with Prof. Walter Zimmermann
2006    PhD in physics, Universität Bayreuth, Germany with Prof. Walter Zimmermann
2006-2007    postdoc, Argonne National Lab, U.S. with Dr. Igor Aranson
2008-2010    postdoc, ESPCI with Dr. Elie Raphaël and Dr. David Lacoste
since 01/2011    postdoc, Experimental Polymer Physics, University of Freiburg

research interests:

  • nonlinear physics, non-equilibrium physics, soft matter physics, cellular biophysics
  • pattern formation, instabilities and hydrodynamics, liquid crystals
  • cytoskeletal dynamics and structure - filaments, motors, crosslinks; self-assembly; cell motion
  • confined polymer systems, dewetting, adhesion, polymer interfaces
  • polymer films and biological membranes in external fields, electrostatic and electrokinetic effects


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19. S. Swaminathan, F. Ziebert, I. S. Aranson and D. Karpeev,
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18. S. Swaminathan, F. Ziebert, I. S. Aranson and D. Karpeev,
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16. T. Vilmin, F. Ziebert and E. Raphaël,
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15. F. Ziebert and E. Raphaël,
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07. F. Ziebert, I. S. Aranson and L. S. Tsimring,
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06. H. R. Brand, H. Pleiner and F. Ziebert,
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05. F. Ziebert, M. Hammele and W. Zimmermann,
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04. F. Ziebert and W. Zimmermann,
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03. R. Peter, M. Hilt, F. Ziebert, J. Bammert, C. Erlenkämper, N. Lorscheid, C. Weitenberg,
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02. F. Ziebert and W. Zimmermann,
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01. F. Ziebert and W. Zimmermann,
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submitted / in preparation:

F. Closa, F. Ziebert and E. Raphaël,
Interplay of internal stresses, electric stresses and surface diffusion in polymer films,

S. Ryan, B. M. Haines, L. Berlyand, F. Ziebert and I. S. Aranson,
Viscosity of Semi-Dilute Bacterial Suspensions: Role of Hydrodynamic Interactions,


  •   Igor S. Aranson
           - Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory, U.S.
  •  Martin Z. Bazant
           - Department of Mathematics and Department of Chemical Engineering, MIT, U.S.
  •  Helmut R. Brand
           - Universität Bayreuth, Germany
  • Pascal Damman
           - Laboratoire Interfaces et Fluides Complexes, Université de Mons-Hainaut, Belgium
  • Steven P. Gross
          - Department of Developmental and Cell Biology, UC Irvine, U.S.
  • Josef Käs
           - Universität Leipzig, Germany
  • David Lacoste
           - Laboratoire de Physico-Chimie Théorique, ESPCI, France
  • Liliane Léger
           - Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, Université Paris-Sud Orsay, France
  • Harald Pleiner
           - Max Planck Insitute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany
  • Elie Raphaël
           - Laboratoire de Physico-Chimie Théorique, ESPCI, France
  • Günter Reiter
           - Universität Freiburg, Germany
  • Sumanth Swaminathan
            - Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University, Evanston, U.S.
  • Lev S. Tsimring
           - Institute for Nonlinear Science (BioCircuits Institute), UC San Diego, U.S.
  • Walter Zimmermann
           - Universität Bayreuth, Germany


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